Satin and Gems Bracelet
Trendy Hair Clips

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Thunderbird Neckerchief Slide
Belt Fob
Wolf & Cat Neckercheif Slide
Arrowhead Neckercheif Slide
Olympic Symbol Neckercheif  Slide
Trefoil Keychain
Mouse and Cheese Swap Pin
Olympic Torch Neckerchief Slide/Pin
Daisy Pin
Girl Scout Corner Bookmark
Boy Scout corner Bookmark
Girl Scout Frame
Boy Scout Frame
Boy Scout Logo Neckercheif Slide
Beaded Girl/Boy Scout wall hangings
Maragrine Tub Scout
Girl scout doorknob sign

Glow-In-The-Dark Wizard Wand
Wizard Jelly Bean Jar
Golden Snitch Bookmark
Harry Potter Bookmark
Glow-In-The-Dark Wizard Pendant
Golden Snitch Belt tie on
Star Wands
Glow-In-The-Dark Wizard Hat Frame
Wizard's Pouch
Wizard Doorknob Hanger

Glittery Princess Room Sign
Princess Jewel Case
Princess Frame
Tuna can Princess Jewery box
Princess Pillow Room Sign
Princess Window Decoration
Craft Stick Room Signs

Daffy Duck Doorknob Sign
Porky Pig Bookmark
Sylvester Bookmark
Tweety Doorknob Sign
Wile E. Coyote Bookmark

50's Beadie Poodle
50's poodle foam magnet
50's Poodle tied felt pillow
50's Foam Horn Rim Glasses
Construction paper Coon Skin Cap
Cotton Ball poodle
Pom Pom Poodle
50's coloring pages
50's party games and activities
50's decoration Ideas
50's costume Ideas

Bear Hug Favors
Valentine Hug Bug
Valentine Pop Up Valentines
I'm a Sucker For You Favor
Lady Bug Mailbox
Bumble Bee Mailbox
Dalmation Puppy Mailbox
Elephant Mailbox
Teddy bear Mailbox
Penguin Mailbox
Conversation Hearts Bracelet
Conversation Hearts Flowers
Flourescent Valentine Hangers
Flip Open Puppy Valentines
Flip Open Penguin Valentines
Flip Open Panda Valentine
Elephant Valentine Mailbox

Golf ball Ornament
Beaded heart ornament
Juice Lid Elf Ornament
IceCream Cone Snowman
Reindeer CD Ornament
Jar lid Reindeer Ornaments
Crashing Santa Ornament
Pipe cleaner Reindeer Pin
Powder Puff Santa Pin
Metalic Heart Ornaments
Nylon Reindeer Ornaments
Beaded Flower Frame Orn.
Puzzle Piece Reindeer
Pom pom snowman Orn.
Tied yarn snowman

Tied Yarn Snowman
CD Snowman Ornament
Snowman Sucker Ornament
Snowman Picture Frame
Handprint Santa
Merry ChrisMOOSE Ornament
Safety Pin Beaded Angels
Cookie Cutter Ornaments
Mini Beaded Angel Ornaments
Snowman Card Holder
Candy Cane necklace

Teddy bear valentine holder
Bee and Cupig Treat favors
woven heart valentine holder
stick with me teddy bear favor
Lost tooth pouch
Puppy and Kitty Magnets
"Sucker" Favors
Bumble Bee Valentine Maibox
Computer Valentine Mailbox
Pixie Stick Bugs
See-through Valentine Bags
Spongebob Valentine Mailbox
Spongebob valentine Bag
Spongebob valentine candy Bag favor
Rose Wreath
Valentine Conucopia
Spoonful of Love

Leprechaun Door Hanger
Shamrock Flowers
Beaded Shamrock Pin
Foam Shamrock Pin
Glittery Shamrock Pendant
Mousie 'O Shamrock Pin
Shamrock Backpack Tag
Beaded Shamrock Buddy
Shamrock Windcatcher
St. Pat's friendship Bracelet
End Of the Rainbow pin

Bunny Windsock
Cookie Cutter napkin Rings
Easter Chick Pouch
Craft Stick bunny Pin
Bunny In Egg Door Sign
Peeps Bunny Pendant
Bunny & Chick Pencil Pals
Bunny Doorknob sign
Chick Wall Hanger
Felt Easter Egg Pouches
Tuna Can Easter Basket
Fuzzy Cork Bunny & Chick
Bendy Bunny Buddy
Chick Basket Favor
Easter Chick Candy Pouch
Beadie Chicks and Bunnies

Bunny and Chick sucker favors
Bunny sticky note holder
Chick sticky note holder
Bunny and egg hanger

Baby Shoe Candle
Tea Cup Candle
Flower Magnetic Note Holder
Don't Bug Mom Note Holder
Mom's Busy Note Holder
Mom's Magnetic Mirror
Flower Face Pin/Magnets
Handprint Reminder Magnets
Father's Day Car Frame
Stained Glass Suncatchers
Queen Mum Pin

Beaded Patriotic Angel
Patriotic Star Hanger
Patriotic Doorknob Hanger
4th Of July Centerpiece
Patriotic Bug Favor
Patriotic Notebook
Patriotic Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Patriotic Felt Tied Pillow

Foam Fish Fridgies
Foam Puffy Fish

Teacher Sign
Hall Pass
Pets Pencil toppers
Pony Bead Pen
Foam Subject Dividers
Pen & Pencil Pouch
Fun Bookmarks
Monogrammed Notepad
Autograph Book
Beaded Pen
Superstar Award
Grad Smiley Beaded Keychain
Yellow M&M Grad Bead Keychain

Crazy Frankie Film Canister Necklace
Fun Halloween Noise Makers
CD Witchie Poo Hanger
Dandy Candy Corn Pin
Frankie & Dracula Pencil Pals
Gilbert Ghoulie Party Favor
Witch Sucker Cover
Recycled CD witch
Halloween Pencil Toppers
Ribbon spool Bat
Ghost windcatcher
Beaded Candy Corn Hanger
Witchie Poo Door Knob Hanger
Ghoulish Treat Bags
Halloween Fuzzy Wuzzys
Ghost and Pumpkin BOO kmarks
Handrpint Ghost and Frankenstein
Craft stick Monster Magnets
Witch and Dracula Pom pom Pins

Foam Handprint Turkey magnet
Salad Dressing Bottle Turkey
Pilgrim Boy and Girl napkin Rings
Toilet Paper Roll Turkey
Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow
Toilet paper Tube Turkey
Turkey Girl And Boy Napkin Rings
Floral Turkey Centerpiece
Foral turkey pin
Turkey Place setting
Cornucopia Beaded Suncatcher
Turkey Hand Puppet
Turkey Cup Favor
Turkey Yuddie '07
Turkey Yuddie
Pilgrim Boy Yuddie
Pilgrim Girl Yuddie

Angel Yuddie
Santa Yuddie
Mrs. Santa yuddie
Reindeer Yuddie
Snowman Yuddie
Christmas Elf Yuddie
Love Bug Yuddies
Leprechaun Yuddie
Easter Bunny Yuddie
Mother's Day Yuddie
Father's Day Yuddie
Graduation yuddie
Summer Fun Yuddie
Uncle Sam Yuddie
Back To School Yuddie
Frankenstein Yuddie

Dracula Yuddie
Birde Of Frankenstein
Mummy Yuddie
Werewolf Yuddie
Pumpkin Yuddie
Ghost Yuddie
Turkey Yuddie
Pilgrim Girl Yuddie
Pilgrim Boy Yuddie
Blues Clues yuddie
Clifford the red dog
Mickey mouse Yuddie
Minnie Mouse Yuddie
Spongebob Yuddie
Cowboy Yuddie
Horse Yuddie

Cow Yuddie
pig Yuddie
Ninja Turtle Yuddie
Fireman Yuddie
Winnie The Pooh
Tigger Yuddie
Eeyore Yuddie
Girl scout yuddie
Boy Scout Yuddie
cat yuddie
dog yuddie
Road Runner Yuddie
Tweety Bird Yuddie
Pirate Yuddie
Frog Yuddie
Alien Yuddie

Baseball Player Yuddie
Hello Kitty Yuddie
Polar Bear Yuddie
The Wizard Of Oz:
Tin man
Garfield Yuddie
turkey 07

Shrek Hand Puppet
Hello Kitty Finger Puppet
Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet
Blues Clues Hand Puppet

Cheerbear Bookmark
Carebear Picture Frame
Cheerbear and Grumpybear Handpuppets

\Butterfly Suction Cup Frame
Bumble Bee Suction Cup Frame
Frog Suction Cup Frame

Lady bug Door Sign
Lady Bug Note Holder
Bathtub Stick-Ups
Sportball Pencil toppers
Decorated Sunglasses
Frog & Pig Magnetic note holders
Scrubby The Alien

Baby Penguin Magnet
Baby Penguin YUDDIE
Polar Bear YUDDIE
Penguin Hand Puppet

Cat Jug Bird Feeder
Light bulb Moose
CD Case Note Holder
Graduation Guy Favor
Recycled Cereal box backpack
Recycled Puzzle Piece Pals
Dog treat Holder

Bunny Lip Balm Holder
Girl Scout Swap Pin
Pet Food Containers
Girl Scout Yuddie
Girl/Boy Scout beaded wall hangers
Scout Pouches
Girl/Boy Scout message holders
Snowman Candy Cane holder
fun Pencil toppers

Doorknob Hanger
Message Center
Beadie Buddy Keychain
Tied Felt Pillow
Head Band
Beaded Bracelet
Finger Puppet
Cell Phone Charm
Activities and Games
Coloring Pages

Fabulous 50's
Hello Kitty
Wild West

Pizza Club
Friendship Club
Science Club

Mum Pumpkin Pin
Yarn Pom pom pumpkin pal
Dust pan Dracula
Dust Pan Frankenstein
Sponge Monsters
Boo Sign
Pom pom and Pipe Cleaner Skeleton

Paper bag horse puppet
Paper bag cowboy puppet
Teddy B. Wilde Puppet
Sherriff Badges
Torn paper and yarn horse
Hobby Horse
Set of 3 western magnets
Paper bag cowboy vest
Horse Yuddie
Horse Beadie Buddy
Cowboy Yuddie

Pirate Hat
Shoe Box Treasure Box
Pirate Yuddie